MAAA Wingspan

ON THE coVER PRESIDENT’S REPORT The President of the MAAA gives an update on CASA regulation Part 149 and the Senate Enquiry. hERITAGE STORY: A LIFE IN FLIGHT MAAA member Ron Cavanagh talks about his 65 years in aeromodelling. TRAVEL STORY: TOP GUN IN FLORIDA Philip Crandon talks about fulfilling a dream of a lifetime by competing at the prestigious annual US event. 12 THE 5TH GOONDIWINDI QTFLY We report on the popular annual event that celebrated its 5th anniversary. 15 THE 5TH GOONDIWINDI QTFLYIN CLUB SUCCESS: FAMILY VALUES 15 10 Safety MATTERS: RISK assessments matter Why it’s important to undertake an annual club risk assessment. CLUB STORY: incorporating FAMILY VALUES We speak to Gladstone Aero-modelling Society on how they capitalise on their family-friendly spirit to encourage the next generation of aeromodellers. TOP GUN 12 03 05 08 10 MANAGEMENT MATTERS: NEW MEMBERS We explore ways to attract new members and keep existing ones happy by harnessing your club spirit. 18 CLUB STORY: A SOARING SUCCESS How Southern Soaring League has positively embraced an ‘all-are-welcome’ policy. 22 This image and cover photo courtesy of Peter Steen