MAAA Wingspan

KNOW THE RULES – FLY SAFE You must only fly during the day and keep your drone within visual line-of-sight . You must not fly your drone higher than 120 metres (400ft) AGL. You must keep your drone at least 30 metres away from other people. You must keep your drone at least 5.5km away from controlled aerodromes. You must not fly your drone near emergency efforts such as firefighting, search and rescue and police operations. You can only fly one drone at a time. You must not fly over or above people . This could include beaches, parks, events, or sport ovals where there is a game in progress. Remember, you must not operate your drone in a way that creates a hazard to another aircraft, person or property. Respect personal privacy don’t record or photograph people without their consent— this may breach state laws. c a s a . g o v . a u / d r o n e