MAAA Wingspan

20 WING SPAN NOVEMBER Our MAAA clubs are all about a unique community of fun flying and camaraderie, bringing mates together to enjoy their shared love of aeromodelling. Many of our clubs have noticed increased interest from former, now retired members who left flying but are now thinking of renewing their memberships. For over 75 years, the MAAA has provided members with the best possible flying experience. Our proud heritage comes from the large collective knowledge held and passed down by generations of our members. For our past members, many are looking for a supportive flying community where they can fly with their mates and achieve thrilling take offs at a friendly and welcoming local club. It is important that we welcome past members back to our clubs and flying fields. The MAAA relies on the flying experience and expertise from experienced members who can use their skills to help us innovate, lead and protect the future of our sport. How do we welcome former members to our clubs? To reinvigorate a former member’s love of aeromodelling, why not invite them to any upcoming events your club is holding. You can also include them in club newsletters and keep in touch on a regular basis. By hosting the Gold Coast Model Flying Club’s Re-Opening Event, Club President, Rod Green was pleasantly surprised by the attendance and interest from former members who were inspired and keen to get back into the sport. Hosting club events can highlight the thrill of aeromodelling but are also a great opportunity to welcome the general public and create exposure for our sport to the wider community. Another great way to invite past members to our clubs is by hosting a free club sausage sizzle. During the event, they can meet with the club members, watch the planes flying and even sign up there and then. It’s also just a great opportunity for them to experience the camaraderie that comes with flying and being part of a friendly, inclusive club environment. management matters: welcoming past members to our clubs ING SPAN AUGUST