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03 MAAALogo. AUGUST WING SPAN MAAA EXECUTIVE president’s report While we’ve come a long way, unfortunately, COVID-19 is still with us. To keep ourselves, our families and our fellow aeromodellers safe, we must all follow the health guidelines. The sooner we follow the health guidelines, the sooner we will be able to continue our flying activities. While many States have been fortunate, complacency has the potential to bring it all undone. Let’s stay safe, keep our clubs open and pull through this, together. We must also take a moment to think of our friends overseas who have not been so lucky. Aeromodelling activities have ceased in many countries, the FAI has cancelled all international competitions and it is currently unknown when overseas travel and competitions will re-commence. Like yourself, the MAAA is hoping our world returns to some normality as quickly as possible. Now, more so than ever, we are reminded that safety should always be the first consideration of all aeromodellers. You must always consider your own safety, as well as the safety of those around you. MAAA strongly promotes a positive safety culture. This means we encourage flyers to promote and practice safety amongst their peers. Safety today does not only relate to accident or injury from a model aircraft, it now relates to the safety of fellow aeromodellers and friends from a health perspective. Just like the spread of COVID, many aeromodelling incidents are caused by complacency. Staying safe doesn’t involve blaming or shaming a person involved in an accident, but rather involves learning from mistakes and putting processes in place to reduce the likelihood of repeated incidents and accidents. By continually monitoring our safety, we avoid the introduction of stricter regulations that could be the demise of aeromodelling as we know it. Remember, safety is no accident. President: Neil Tank The MAAA are always keen to hear about your successes or story ideas for Wingspan. Please send your ideas to us at . President: Mr Neil Tank Vice President: Tim Nolan Secretary: Mr Tyson Dodd Treasurer: Mr Gary Pope Enquiries about Wingspan, including advertising, feedback and story ideas can be emailed to Remember, if your club is inviting members of the public to an event, feel free to advertise it on the MAAA website! Go to: t o add your event.