MAAA Wingspan

WING SPAN AUGUST Stephen Vickers AUS 1329 was awarded Life Membership of the MAAA. He received his award at the Hawkesbury Model Air Sports Club’s Annual General Meeting presented by the MAAA President, Tim Nolan. At the presentation it was great to see his wife Valerie who is also a Life Member along with other MAAA Life Members including former MAAA President Mike Close. Steve began his flying at Freemans Reach Radio Control Society in 1974, becoming president 1979. The Club is now known as Hawkesbury Model Air Sports. Steve served as president for over 10 years. Stephen was the State Registrar from 1984 to 1991. He was appointed as the Chief Flying Instructor for NSW in 1986 and held this position until 2006. During this time, he worked with others to develop the Wings system that we use today. As part of the management team, he was also the Chairman of the Large Model Tribunal Committee, responsible for the appointment of heavy model and turbine Inspectors in NSW from 1994-2006. He was awarded Life Membership of what is now Aeromodellers NSW in 1991 for his tireless efforts in helping raise the profile, skills and standards of Aeromodelling in NSW. With a passion for scale, he was appointed as an FAI Judge and has in the later years been actively involved as a scale judge at local and national events. Stephen and Val Vickers are the first couple to receive Life Membership of the MAAA, and this recognises their extraordinary contribution to aeromodelling and the knowledge and passion they shared with many who are now long-standing members in our sport. “As President of the MAAA and behalf of our members nationally we present this award as recognition of your outstanding contributions to Aeromodelling over many years, because without contributions like yours we would not be where we are today,” said Tim Nolan. Tim Nolan, President MAAA Presentation of the MAAA Life Membership to Stephen Vickers 26