MAAA Wingspan - Quarterly Magazine

13 MAAAmember, Roy Summersby said preparations leading up to the exciting Wings Over West Wyalong Weekend event (held between 21st-22nd October 2017), were certainly full on. “We had 50 plus lineal meters of shelving installed and our massive aeromodelling archives were sorted and in place,” he said. “We put our newMAAA approved and providedmower to good use for the occasion too and the road was graded and improved to the homestead, camping and RC areas. Meanwhile, a new amenities block was sourced and installed at the site as well.” All this work was essential, not only for the Wings Over West Wyalong event, but for the fast-approaching 70th Nationals Model Aircraft Championships, that will take place in April. Encouragingly, by mid-morning on Saturday 21st October, 42 registered Free Flight, Radio Control and Control Line Flyers were on site and ready to take flight. “In addition to this, we had 15 helpers and spouses. Approximately 20 local kids along with their parents were also onsite ready to enjoy the flying activities,” said Roy. “Our designated safety officers were kept on their toes all weekend and did a fantastic job. We estimate that we had over 50 local families visit the event over the two days. There were many MAAA gliders given away, as well as some sport rubber free flight aircraft from the ‘Ockerden Estate.’ Roy would like to express his gratitude to public relations officer, Matt Hannaford for doing such a great job all weekend with the visitors, merchandise and themouth-watering sausage sizzle. The enthusiastic MAAA member also said it was pleasing to witness such a wide variety of models being flown throughout the event. “There was everything from large scale radiomodels, radio gliders and vintage models to small sport free flight and control linemodels,” he said. “Some high-tech free flight competitionmodels were demonstrated to impress the crowds. The flying site and amenities coped well with all the increased activity over the weekend, the weather stayed manageable and everyone left with a smile on their face.” The Wings Over West Wyalong Weekend was undoubtedly a weekend of fun flying and camaraderie, as well as being an excellent promotion for the NSW Free Flight Society, the MAAA and the forthcoming 70th Nationals in April. IN THE LEAD UP TO THE 70TH NATIONALS, WE LOOK BACK AT ANOTHER AEROMODELLING EVENT, HELD AT THE CENTRAL WEST NEW SOUTH WALES TOWN WINGS OVER WEST WYALONG