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15 are offering CASA’s remote pilot license where we run through the course and the required learning tomeet CASA’s syllabus and the external provider carries out the examination for them,” said Chris. “They can actually gain their RePL license fromCASA, which is different to what a lot of other organisations are doing. It’s not a TAFE vocational education certificate, it’s the CASA license and frommy point-of-view that’s very valuable because while they’re operating in their own pastoral properties, they can go across boundaries and so forth. By being licensed, it means they can be covered by insurance for public liability.” A comprehensive introduction to the world of drones, in addition to forming a crucial element of the STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) curriculumat St Margaret’s, this hands-on, holistic approach is certainly one to be applauded. For further information about the Drone Academy at St Margaret’s check out their website : https://www. and-activities/drone-academy or email Chris Farrelly: