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9 FEBRUARY WING SPAN MAAALogo. enable the aircraft to be as scale as possible and to be fully functional as a remote-control model. Themain difference between this model and the full-size Jumbo is the available leg room for the passengers and the lack of in-flight catering.” The aircraft is driven by a highly sophisticated 28 channel computerised remote control systemand has a total of 44 on-board electronic components to drive the flight controls. Its other features include, a fully retractable undercarriage, the brakes, a navigation lighting systemand on-board computers that monitor and control the four jet engine systems. Although every calculation has beenmeticulously made, there always remains a few unknowns that will determine the success of amaiden flight. “Things can happen very quickly and there is only a short amount of time to get the feel of the aircraft before having to attempt a landing,” said Andrew. Although it has yet to take to the skies, Andrew’s jumbo jet has undergone an extensive certification process and has been thoroughly inspected by a certified Giant Model Inspector at every stage of the build. Themodel has been signed off as ready to fly, pending amandatory pre-flight inspection which will take place prior to the imminent first flight. “It’s all now dependent on two days of perfect weather forecast at Wagin airfield,” said Andrew. But what’s on the horizon following Andrew’s astonishing aircraft building achievement and impending maiden flight? In accordance with family tradition, it looks to be educating the next Herzfeld generation in aviation. “I’m looking forward to teaching my seven-year-old son Nelson to build and fly model aircraft. He has had his first few flights and is picking it up very quickly,” said Andrew. “There is a great deal to be learnt from the hobby and I am guessing it won’t be long before he is asking to borrow the keys for the Jumbo.” PHOTO BY ALEX GENOVESE, 2017