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14 TINGALPA MODEL AERO CLUB HAVE EMBRACED A YOUNG, BUDDING PILOT IN AN EYE- OPENING EXAMPLE OF CAMARADERIE Talk about commitment to the sport of aeromodelling. Every weekend and everyday during school holidays, enthusiastic 17-year-old emerging pilot, Matthew Barry- Carlow rides his pushbike all the way fromhis home in The Gap in north Brisbane to Cannon Hill train station to complete the journey on to his local aero club at Tingalpa. For Matthew, who flies ready-to-fly aircraft, it’s a four-hour round trip, but the young emerging pilot is driven purely by the fun and excitement that the sport of flying model aircraft provides. “He’s very keen and a very amenable young man. He turns up on his little pushbike with a backpack and avails himself of the club,” says Phil Collings, secretary of Tingalpa Model Aero Club, who was pivotal in setting up clubmembership for the boy. Matthew first became aware of the fun and excitement of aeromodelling online, through various event posts on the club’s Facebook page. Upon further investigation, he asked his Dad to take him to his local aeroclub at Tingalpa and it wasn’t long before he was ingratiated into the aeromodelling family. “All the older members of the club have really taken him under their wing. They’re just blown over by the young boy’s enthusiasm for the sport. I’ve been amember of Tingalpa for 25 years and it’s the first time that I’ve seen some of the older guys take such a young fella under their wing,” continued Phil. “They’ve really taken a shine to the boy-it’s like they’ve adopted him. I think what struck themwas the level of commitment from someone so young- making the four- hour journey to travel down to the club so regularly. It’s out of the norm fromwhat we normally see.” The supportive clubmembers even put their hands in their pockets to ensure the young, budding pilot has the funds to secure a student clubmembership at Tingalpa. In addition, a local hobby shop helpfully donated somemodel aircraft equipment. “One of the local hobby shops that he frequents was only too happy to source radio gear for him. So we’ve now got a six-channel radio he can use, free of charge, whichmakes it a bit easier for us to train him,” said Phil. In September 2018, Matthew took part in Tingalpa Aero Club’s Hobby Expo, which embraced all the classic fun and camaraderie that aeromodelling is known for. “Matthew was willing to step up to help pilots who did not have a caller on the day,” continued Phil. “He also assisted Randall inmarshalling the aircraft on the ground whichmade our role on the day more enjoyable for all who attended.” What a story of encouragement for all our budding aeromodellers. TAKING HIM UNDER THEIR WING