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03 MAAALogo. FEBRUARY WING SPAN MAAA EXECUTIVE president’s report Happy New Year to all, we are ready to embark on an exciting and thrilling 2019 with all our members. There are several major events, competitions and a World Cup that will keep many club members and organisers busy. The MAAA Executive takes the needs of our members and their safety very seriously. With this said, the Executive are currently working with CASA as a result of the introduction of CASR Part 149 and the government requirements in respect to the future registration of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). We will also team with other ASAC Members to present the sporting side of aviation at the Avalon Air Show in March. RPAS Registrations The public spotlight will be on model aircraft flying, the registration of model aircraft/pilots will become a reality with the Federal Government wanting to have this in place by July this year. The MAAA is working through the process and liaising closely with CASA - CASA has published a discussion paper and the MAAA Executive has submitted a comprehensive reply. Registration is a reality that we will have to learn to live with, however, the aim of the MAAA is to protect members from any unnecessary reduction in our right to fly model aircraft or registration process. We believe, no matter what the Government/CASA puts in place to educate the general population, it will not come anywhere near MAAA standards. Our members, through our training schemes, club management and safety culture are more knowledgeable in respect to the dos and don’ts of model aircraft flying than non- affiliated members. This is why the MAAA will continue to improve our safety culture, training schemes and education programs . In addition to this update, we have provided detailed information on the Senate Inquiry at the back of Wingspan. President: Neil Tank The MAAA are always keen to hear about your successes or story ideas for Wingspan. Please send your ideas to us at . President: Mr Neil Tank Vice President: Bruce Hoffmann Secretary: Mr Tyson Dodd Treasurer: Mr Gary Pope Enquiries about Wingspan, including advertising, feedback and story ideas can be emailed to Remember, if your club is inviting members of the public to an event, feel free to advertise it on the MAAA website! Go to: t o add your event.