MAAA Wingspan

32 WING SPAN NOVEMBER PROPOSED NEW REMOTELY PILOTED AIRCRAFT (RPA) REGISTRATION AND RPAS OPERATOR ACCREDITATION SCHEME (PP1816US). As many of our members will be aware, the public spotlight is once again on model aircraft flying. As part of the outcomes of the Senate Enquiry for the registration and accreditation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA’s) and pilots, CASA released the new proposed changes for public consultation on Friday 25 January 2019. Working with CASA on an exemption for members at MAAA fields In November, the MAAA was invited to sit on the CASA Technical Working Group (TWG) to review the objectives of RPA operations together with many commercial operators. Following the meeting of the TWG, CASA published a discussion paper. In response, the MAAA Executive prepared a very comprehensive reply to all 177 items to ensure (as a first step) exclusion of MAAA Fields. The MAAA Executive are pleased that the extensive work completed to date has resulted in the Public Consultation document, including an exemption for members at MAAA Fields - an exemption we will strive to ensure remains. The impeccable safety record of members over the past 40 years The MAAA Executive believe that regardless of any online registration/accreditation system put in place to educate the general population, it will not equal the MAAA standards or increase safety outcomes already achieved by MAAA members. Through our training schemes, club management and safety culture, MAAA members possess a greater knowledge on appropriate safe operational requirements of model aircraft flying than non-affiliated members. At this stage of the community consultation process, the initial and primary MAAA focus, “protection of MAAA fields and operations” is almost a certainty - we now need to continue to convey the historical performance, proficiency and awareness of all MAAA members and have the exemption of registration by MAAA members to be applicable to any location we fly in accordance with MOPs, Administrative Instruments and legislation. Senate Inquiry relating to new RPA (CASA)