MAAA Wingspan

30 So what is Spektrum Smart Technology? Well, the ever- expanding feature list currently includes class-leading telemetry back to the Tx, transmitters that allow you to program stabilising devices and speed controls on the fly, chargers that automatically charge and discharge smart batteries, receivers with inbuilt sensors, WiFi and Bluetooth connection. The heart of the Spektrum Smart system is the range of Smart transmitters. From the value priced DX6e through to the new iX20 you can have access to some or all of the Smart Technology features. When you use a telemetry capable Spektrum receiver and one of the Avian Smart ESC’s you have access to all the important data you need without having to wire up external sensors. It is all built-in and can be fed back to your Tx in real-time. Battery voltage, battery capacity, rpm, temperature, current draw at your fingertips. Or use one of the new 6 channel Spektrum Smart receivers with inbuilt altimeter and vario and you can monitor your flying height in real-time. Set warnings to be triggered as you approach the CASA height limit for your club field. On the DX6e and DX8e this can be a vibration and/or buzzing warning and on higher-level Spektrum Smart transmitters you can also have customised voice alerts. Need to make changes to the settings on your AS3X equipped Spektrum receiver? You can do this from your Spektrum Smart Transmitter now once you download the latest Airware. product review: SPEKTRUM SMART TECHNOLOGY THE SPEKTRUM SMART TECHNOLOGY ECO-SYSTEM CONTINUES TO GROW AND IS PROVIDING MODELLERS WITH AN UNPRECEDENTED CONNECTION WITH ALL THE IMPORTANT ELEMENTS OF THEIR RC EXPERIENCE. REVIEW BY MIKE O’REILLY WING SPAN FEBRUARY