MAAA Wingspan

012 WING SPAN MAY 12 Firmly securing its place as one of the most exciting aeromodelling events on the MAAA calendar, the 71st National Model Aircraft Championships, successfully built upon the momentum of last year’s historic event. Attracting 200 pilots, along with their supporters to the friendly town of West Wyalong, the thrilling seven- day event – held 24 April – 1 May 2019 - continued the classic tradition of aeromodelling fun, competition and camaraderie and brought back all your favourite flying elements. It included the time-honoured ‘free for all’ night scramble and the NSW Free Flight Society’s subsequent barbecue on the AB field. Significantly, the 71st Nationals also opened up the floodgates to non-competitors. “The Nationals is designed for people to compete, with an emphasis on that competition aspect, however, what we did this year was to add a bit of a daily ‘fun fly’ element,” said new event coordinator Terry Bond. “Non-competitors were given a place to fly their aeroplanes. We organised for flyers from the three main disciplines to fly inside the stadium and have a ‘fun fly indoor session’ on a daily basis.” Terry said this year’s event was extremely successful, with a range of national and international pilots that wowed the large number of spectators. “It was a wonderful event, which ran very smoothly,” said Terry. “Despite a few windy days, competition was fierce with top-class pilots all competing to take out top honours. “A big thanks goes to the Bland Shire Council for their wonderful support and the support of the local community. The organisers all did a great job to make this event so successful.” To view all the results from the 71st MAAA National Model Aircraft Championships head directly to the MAAA event’s site here : the 71st national model aircraft championships EVENT COORDINATOR TERRY BOND TELLS US ALL ABOUT THE SUCCESSS OF THE THRILLING ANNUAL FLYING EVENT.