MAAA Wingspan

040 WING SPAN MAY BEST BRANDS IN RC ©2019 Modelflight. AS3X, SAFE, E-flite, Timber, Valiant, Commander mPd, V900, F-27 Evolution, Opterra, and the Horizon Hobby logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Horizon Hobby, LLC. The Spektrum trademark is used with permission of Bachmann Industries, Inc. All other trademarks, service marks or logos are property of their respective owners. From ultra-slow flight and STOL capabilities to outrageous 3D aerobatics and wildly fast racers, flying wings and beyond, E-flite ® sport airplanes feature industry-leading designs and advanced capabilities. Add to that the advantages of exclusive Spektrum ™ AS3X ® and SAFE ® Select technologies and you’ve got unmatched flight performance that both new and long-time pilots will appreciate and enjoy. Fly one today to experience the difference that outdoes all the others. Timber ® X 1.2m F-27 Evolution ™ Valiant ™ 1.3m V900 ™ Commander mPd ® 1.4m Turbo Timber ® 1.5m Opterra ® 1.2m LOVE THIS BIRD!!! …you just outdid yourself again! – Glassman, customer review “ “ 120+ MPH 105+ MPH For more E-Flite planes: