MAAA Wingspan

03 ON THE coVER PRESIDENT’S REPORT Neil thanks club committees and members for taking the action in the interest of members safety and the health of the general community. Feature Story Soaring sky high for the first-ever Casino Jets Jet Together. YOUNG AEROMODELLER: Townsville Aeromodellers takes youngsters under their wing to create exposure for our sport. 18 inspiring new members to take flight Mt Wallace Model Aircraft Association holds a successful Have a Go Flying day. 20 SOARING SKY HIGH FOR FIRST-EVER CASINO JETS, JET TOGETHER HELI HEATWAVE 10 32 Safety MATTERS: Managing accidents and incidents. HERITAGE STORY: The aviation achievements of aeromodelling great, Roy Summersby . HERITAGE STORY 14 05 10 14 MEMBER STORY: MEL Law Mel Law flying the flag high for female aeromodellers. 20 MANAGEMENT MATTERS: Valuable insights from our member non-renewal survey. 28