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03 MAAALogo. MAY WING SPAN MAAA EXECUTIVE president’s report ON THE coVER This will be my last report as President of the MAAA. After almost nine years at the helm, I have decided to retire and hand the reins to a younger team. We need younger members at the top to allow us old ‘fellas’ to enjoy our pastime. Aeromodelling is a great sport and hobby, and I have enjoyed helping lay the foundations to ensure model aviation is available to young and old for many years to come. I believe that one should retire whilst in front and with some petrol left in the tank. How MAAA Has Evolved When I first became President, challenges were evident, and the MAAA was at a crossroads. Many believed the MAAA existed only to provide insurance, had too much money, was nontransparent and looked after the interests of some privileged few. The strong views of some lead to the formation of a breakaway alternative organisation. These perceptions were ill-conceived but one of the challenges the organisation had to face and address. It also highlighted that communication with members needed to improve drastically. The starting point was to determine what the MAAA was all about, its vision for the future, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses. Accordingly, a ten-year strategic plan was developed and implemented. The major thrust of this plan was to provide a service to members, promote model aviation and build the organisation. The strategic plan received the backing of the MAAA Council, we have achieved many of the goals in the plan. The priority was to improve communication between the MAAA and members. Although the MAAA has been in existence for many years, feedback frommembers indicated little was known about the organisation’s purpose, management structure and relationship to affiliate members. To this end, a marketing firmwas engaged to assist. The MAAA began producing newsletters from the President; and launched a quarterly digital magazine, “Wingspan”. President: Neil Tank PRESIDENT’S REPORT A final message from your President, Neil Tank, before he steps down from the role and hands over the reins to the new incoming President. young aeromodeller 17-year-old Balint Banko from the Pakenham and District Aircraft Radio Control Society (P&Darcs) in Victoria shares his true passion for aviation. 12 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS REBORN IN WEST WYALONG SAFETY MATTERS 08 06 Safety MATTERS The 30 metre rule – truth and myths. feature STORY The 1st West Wyalong Nationals in NSW are coming soon. Register now! HAVE A GO DAYS 16 03 06 08 14 heritage story Follow the journey of a father and son team restoring a piece of history. Club STORY Read about some of our Clubs that have hosted successful Have a Go Days and determine why you should do the same. 16 The MAAA are always keen to hear about your successes or story ideas for Wingspan. Please send your ideas to us at . President: Mr Neil Tank Vice President: Tim Nolan Secretary: Mr Tyson Dodd Treasurer: Mr Gary Pope Enquiries about Wingspan, including advertising, feedback and story ideas can be emailed to Remember, if your Club is inviting members of the public to an event, feel free to advertise it on the MAAA website! Go to: t o add your event. WING SPAN MAY Management Matters The MAAA Annual Executive Council Conference was held recently with a new President being announced. 26 renewal notice The MAAA is now calling on all members to renew their membership and continue to enjoy fun- flying and camaraderie at your local Club. 28