MAAA Wingspan

8 WING SPAN NOVEMBER A squadron of replica World War 1 model aircraft took to the skies to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armistice on Remembrance Day in a fitting aerial salute to soldiers past and present. Hosted by the South Hummocks Model Aero Club, in conjunction with the Scale Aircraft Society of South Australia and Model Aerosports South Australia, on 10 November the Dawn Patrol weekend event got off to a flying start with general flying, a combat competition and later a military Dining-In night in which Neil Tank wore his commissioned police officers’ mess kit. During the event, Ray Melton wore his WW1 German uniform, and others wore either their own and/or their relative’s medals. At 7am on 11 November the titular Dawn Patrol flight took off to fly a few circuits with nine aircraft in the skies at the same time, with the Remembrance Day service taking place at 11am accordingly. Overall, between 60-70 people, including 45 registered pilots, attended the event, with an equal number (if not more) radio control WW1 replica aircraft, along with the unique sight of a scale model WW1 airship. South Hummocks Secretary/Treasurer, Wayne ‘Ned’ Kelly said Dawn Patrol was a major success in bringing together aeromodellers and the public in a time of great importance and to showcase elements of scale aeromodelling. “The entire event was a huge success-everyone who attended loved it,” he said. “The Saturday night ‘Dining-In Night’ was a huge success too-we ran it as a military dining-in night, which gave a bit of an insight into the traditions and formalities of the Military Mess for non-ex-military/ para-military attendees.” Also worth mentioning were a trio of ladies who worked the canteen, that included Roma Laundy, Gail Tank and Karen Peters, each wearing period costume and helmets in a fitting tribute to the times. “They worked tirelessly with a few members and others behind the counter providing breakfast and lunch,” continues Wayne. Dawn Patrol attracted members from 15 different clubs overall. This included Alice Springs Masters Games event organiser John Oliver and his wife, along feature story: dawn patrol WE LOOK AT HOW THE SOUTH HUMMOCKS MODEL AIRCRAFT CLUB SALUTED THE HISTORIC 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF ARMISTICE DAY.