MAAA Wingspan

10 WING SPAN NOVEMBER 11 HERITAGE STORY: HONOURING MEMBERS FOR THEIR DEDICATION TO OUR SPORT A service medallion is presented to MAAA members who have volunteered their services to advance and promote the MAAA and model aviation sport. George Atikinson Aeromodellers NSW nominated George Atkinson for a Service Medallion. As a MAAA member for more than 25 years, George is currently the Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) for Aeromodellers NSW and has held that position for the last six years, Throughout his tenure, George has been a valued member of the ANSW management committee. His primary purpose and driving force, as CFI, has been to improve the standard of flying and the competency of our pilots. Chronology: 2014 – now Chief Flying Instructor - Aeromodellers NSW 2014 George, in company with Bob Carpenter, developed the ANSW Training Course which was ultimately adopted by the MAAA and became the MAAA Flight Instructors Course in 2014. This was subsequently rolled out nationally. 2011 – 2014 Deputy CFI, South, of Aeromodellers NSW George also held the position of CFI for the MAAA for several years. George has flown helicopters in the World Championships, representing Australia. He holds gold wings for helicopters, fixed wing and multi-rotors. He is a commercial RPAS pilot and has also been a commercial instructor for many years. He instructs on fixed wing, helicopters and multi-rotor as well as being a heavy model inspector for both fixed wing and rotary wing up to 25 kgs. George has been tireless in his pursuit of lifting the standard of the average pilot to make the sport better, safer and to reduce the potential for injury. He has always held himself to the highest standards and personal integrity, firmly believing that our actions should demonstrate our abilities and that whenever we fly, we are representing the sport of aeromodelling. George has put great effort into engaging and supporting the introduction of newcomers to the sport, taking the time to greet and engage interested parties at every opportunity. George will be stepping down from his flight training duties in 2020. Aeromodellers NSW believed that this award was most appropriate to recognise his achievement in helping many new and experienced pilots lift their skills as well as his commitment and dedication to promoting safe flying in our sport. Chris Hebbard ANSW nominated Chris for the MAAA Service Award as recognition of his commitment and dedication to the promotion and development of aeromodelling. Chris is a lifelong aeromodeller starting with his first model at aged seven. During his school years he was active in control line and free flight models. As a young man he worked as a LAME on B707 with QANTAS, though left there after several years and began selling RENAULT motor cars. He and his wife Margo opened their Sydney shop Wings n Things in 1974, and as the business grew it expanded into three other locations. Chris was an innovator and began including club memberships and assisting people to fly at Warringah Radio Control Society (WRCS), one of the largest clubs in ANSW. Chris was active as the Vice President at WRCS for almost 30 years, and during that time he was engaged in teaching and promoting all forms of aeromodelling. Through Wings n Things he actively travelled widely promoting all aspects of model flying. He was a regular at the Great Adelaide Racing with Mike Reynell, and they would often work all night to get the model finished. Chris is a master builder and a very deft touch at all forms of covering. The vast amount of aviation knowledge he has accumulated is often drawn upon to provide expert commentary at full-size air shows and model public displays. He is always ready to assist and help anyone with a project and the more obscure the aircraft, the greater the smile he gets as he unwraps the aircraft history. Chris is still very active now flying at HMAS closer to where he and Margo still live. ANSW nominated Chris for the MAAA Service Award as recognition of his commitment and dedication to the promotion and development of aeromodelling.