MAAA Wingspan - Quarterly Magazine

03 ON THE coVER PRESIDENT’S REPORT The recent success of our Aussies at the Pylon World Cup as well as raising the topic of safety with electric powered aircraft. FAI F3D/F5D WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS All the buzz and excitement from the recent pylon racing event. HERITAGE STORY: A LIFE IN THE SKIES Drone engineer and RC gliding champ David Hobby talks a life in flight 14 YOUNG AEROMODELLERS GLIDE WITH DELTA DARTS How the MAAA has helped schools embrace the skills and thrills of aviation. 17 FAI F3D/F5D WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS MANAGEMENT MATTERS: SCHOOL PROGRAMS 06 28 Safety MATTERS: Why it’s important to maintain significant distance between parking areas and flying fields. LEAGUE OF SILENT FLIGHT OPEN THERMAL GLIDER TOURNAMENT It was classic camaraderie for competitive gliders at this long-running event. ANDREW MEYER: GLIDING FORM 12 0505 06 10 MEMBER STORY: ANDREW MEYER Southern Soaring League’s youngest pilot on the appeal of flying RC gliders. 18 MANAGEMENT MATTERS: SCHOOL PROGRAMS Chris Paterson on creating an aviation pathway to employment 31