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33 AUGUST WING SPAN MAAALogo. Jeti Models were founded in 1993 to fill a need for electric motor speed controllers in the emerging market of electric powered RC models. From low current, low voltage controllers in the early days to 100A, 36V controllers for use with large motors with samarium cobalt magnets and heavy Nicad battery packs, Jeti were a market leader from day one. In that pre-internet era, OMP heard about this new brand from a Czech friend that we’d met at a World Championship. After a few phone calls, a deal was struck and OMP became the importer of Jeti speed controllers. Model Motors/AXI were at the forefront of brushless outrunner motor development and with them also being a Czech-based company, Jeti were involved in the development of brushless speed controllers. These new motors were to revolutionise electric flight. More power with more efficiency reduced the weight of the electric package and made electric RC flight more practical and within the reach of more modellers. Jeti continued to refine their ESC’s (electronic speed controllers) and had versions suitable for indoor flying, helicopters through to large scale models. To this day, Jeti continue to make some of the most efficient and smartest speed controls on the market. In 2005 the first ever 2.4 Ghz radio control system was introduced and Jeti saw that this would revolutionise the industry. Jeti developed their own 2.4 Ghz protocol and in 2008, they introduced a series of transmitter modules and receivers to suit the leading brands of transmitters at the time - Graupner/JR, Futaba, Multiplex and Hitec. Sales of the new Jeti Duplex modules and receivers were strong, especially in Europe where other manufacturers were slow to adopt 2.4 Ghz. Jeti then set out to develop their own transmitter so that they wouldn’t be dependent on other companies’ hardware and at the Nuremberg Toy and Hobby Fair in 2011, they released the ground breaking DC-16 transmitter. Featuring a European tray style layout and with a high number of machined alloy parts, this was obviously a high end product. Together with the Jeti Duplex 2.4 Ghz protocol, it offered very powerful and flexible software with almost unlimited potential. Development didn’t stop there, and over the next few years a handheld version, DS-16, was introduced, followed by the 14-channel version, DC-14, DS- 14, and then the DC and DS-24 transmitters. Software updates are issued several times a year and are available for free. Last month, Jeti released the all new DS-12 transmitter, their first to use a moulded plastic case. This new transmitter, with its lower price point and very complete feature set, is sure to appeal to discerning modellers worldwide. In 2017, OMP was very pleased to renew our business relationship with Jeti Models and offer the complete range of Jeti products in AU compliant form to the Australian modelling fraternity. OMP are also very pleased to be able to partner with Jeti Models to be the major sponsor of the F3D and F5D World Championships that were held in Maryborough, Queensland this month. The 2017 F3D World Champion, Jiri Novotny and the F5D World Champion, Thomas Ciniburk, who are both from the Czech Republic, were back to defend their titles. Once again they used Jeti radios for control. From the club modeller who wants a quality product to budding world champions, Jeti Models have a radio for you. PRODUCT REVIEW: JETI MODELS - CZECH REPUBLIC REVIEW BY MIKE O’REILLY