MAAA Wingspan

WING SPAN AUGUST 06 ING SPAN AUGUST spreading our wings to create exposure for our sport After several months of COVID-19 closures, the Gold Coast Model Flying Club reopened their flying field with a special flying event for members, the local community and potential new model enthusiasts. Club President, Rod Green said the Re-Opening Day, held on July 7 at their flying field in Numinbah Valley was a successful day of fun, flying and fellowship. “Our Club Safety Officer, Richard Bampton is always looking for ways to promote our club and the re-opening event was a great way to do that,” he said. “Our flying field is on SEQ Water land so we had to stop flying in March and couldn’t re-open our club to members until the Queensland Government changed the rules to 10 people together at one time. “Because we were only allowed a small number of members at the club at one time, we had a roster system for our pilots. We would send out an email to members and they would have to nominate a time that they would like to come and fly. They had a choice of two time slots either (7-10am) or (10am-1pm). “Once the restrictions eased even more, SEQ Water said we could open up the property to recommence our usual flying. We decided a great way to relaunch our club and potentially welcome new members was to hold a re- opening event.” Rod said that the club has been pleasantly surprised with the influx of elderly gentleman who attended the event and showed a keen interest in re-joining the club or learning to fly. “Our members range in age, but it has been nice to see the older generation who want to learn to fly or would like to pick up where they left off many years ago,” he said. “Through our open day, we were able to reinvigorate their love of aviation and showcase the thrill, fun and camaraderie of the sport.