MAAA Wingspan

03 MAAALogo. AUGUST WING SPAN What an interesting time, with some of the country in lock down, some emerging and everyone blaming each other. This is a time for us all to stand together. Our MAAA is no different. We need to respect the diversity of modellers, just as we appreciate all the different types of aircraft. Is your Club closed to new members? Only allowing “real aero planes made of balsa, and fabric covering”? If we want our MAAA to grow we must become inclusive and supportive. Just as those members who spent the time when we all started, helping us to learn to fly, it’s time to pay it forward. In the few visits I have made to clubs, it has been great to see members just out flying and having fun. Even more fun being handed a transmitter to have a fly! Thank you. I had a ball. It was however, sad that people said ‘the MAAA has an issue…’, or ‘the MAAA MOP’s don’t relate to me,’ ‘the rules are just made up to spoil my fun.’ First and foremost, it’s your MAAA, we are trying to make it work for every member of our association. The rules, legislation, policies and procedures are reflective of CASA’s expectations of all pilots and aircrew, and the learnings from the various incidents that have happened across the country. It has been interesting talking with lots of members around the impact of COVID on people’s mental health. Our members are no different. Have you noticed a change in civility at your Club? A thought for Club Executives. When was the last team building activity you ran with your members? MAAA EXECUTIVE president’s report President: Tim Nolan Add your club on the MAAA’s website at President: Mr Tim Nolan Vice President: Mr Michael Hobson Secretary: Mr Tyson Dodd Treasurer: Mr Gary Pope