MAAA Wingspan

WING SPAN AUGUST 04 “In the few visits I have made to clubs, it has been great to see members just out flying and having fun.” TIM NOLAN, PRESIDENT MAAA I had the pleasure of attending a club working bee recently to rebuild some new starting benches. It was great to see a large turnout of members to build the tables. They have proven to be a great design and if any clubs are interested we can supply a PDF copy of the plans. This photo was taken when we were not in a state of COVID lockdown. This will be the last issue of Wingspan for a while as we review our promotion and marketing plans. As part of our review and future focus there will be a survey coming out that will help us define what is important to you. If would like to be involved, drop me a line and we can include you in the survey. This is your MAAA so come along and be part of the conversations. The new MAAA website has been launched, and we are creating, chasing up and updating the content as we can. If you have any content, club details or other material that needs to up on the site please forwarded it to the Federal Secretary. For those who can go and fly, be safe and have fun. And for those with restrictions be patient, our turn will come. Tim Nolan, President MAAA Photo supplied by Tim Nolan, President MAAA