MAAA Wingspan - Quarterly Magazine

ON THE coVER PRESIDENT’S REPORT The President of the MAAA gives an update on the vice president position and highlights the forthcoming annual council conference and 70th Nationals. CLUB ASSISTANCE SCHEME Submissions are now open for the club financial scheme. HERITAGE Story: Scale Modelling for Life We interview MAAA member Noel Whitehead about his enthusiasm for scale modelling. 10 TRAVEL Story: Alice Springs Sport Weekend We learn about the aeromodelling component at the Masters Games Event. 12 BOEING BUILDER CLUB GROWTH SUCCESS 08 16 Safety MATTERS Avoiding Motor Vehicle Damage by Models. Member Story: BOEING BUILDER We talk to Andrew Herzfeld about his mammoth model- building endeavour. 2018 CLUB ASSISTANCE SCHEME 06 03 05 06 08 ST MARGARET’S DRONE ACADEMY How students are learning the ins and outs of the new technology. 14 MANAGEMENT MATTERS: CLUB GROWTH We look at innovative ways you can continue growing your aero club. 16 Cover and top photo’s courtesy of Alex Genovese