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7 FEBRUARY WING SPAN MAAALogo. Dennis Bull is one of nine appreciative members of the Cardwell, Queensland-based Dallachy R/C Model Aero Club, which was awarded MAAA Club Assistance funds to replace their antiqued mower with a modern model. “We had been using a mower that was about 35 years- old. It had been through a bit of a resurrection to keep it going and needed an instruction manual to get it to start,” said Dennis. “With this new one, you just hop on, turn the key and off you go. We cut our grass very short to ensure aircraft models have an easy run. The new mower has more power, great steering and it’s good to drive and most importantly of all, does a smooth short cut. The old one was certainly showing its wear and it also used to struggle when the grass was thick with wet weather and in hot temperatures during mid-Summer.” Dennis is extremely grateful to the MAAA for their assistance in helping make the job of mowing amongst members a lot easier. “We’re a little independent club in a very small area with just nine members, however the MAAA still helped us out so it shows that little clubs get their assistance through this scheme as well,” continues Dennis. “It takes us about an hour and a half to drive to the next nearest club, so rather than travel that distance to be a member of that club, we maintain our own independent club and can toddle out there anytime, get together and have a fly.” Dennis’s story is a great example of why members should put in their application for a Club Assistance Scheme today. ASSISTANCE SCHEME MAKING MOWING EASY FOR QUEENSLAND CLUB MEMBERS A NEW RIDE-ON MOWER PAYS DIVIDENDS FOR ITS QUEENSLAND MEMBERS