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03 MAAALogo. FEBRUARY WING SPAN MAAA EXECUTIVE VICE-president’s report ON THE coVER As we turn the page and start a fresh year, we are all looking forward to doing some more flying. It is great to see events and contests starting to populate the calendar, newsletters and various Facebook groups. For those following the Hiperbipe build, I can report that I have finished the covering, painting and the reinstall of the radio and engine. I will post some photos of the maiden flight in the next issue. COVID-19 has certainly impacted all of us. We have been considering how everyone’s flying skills have been affected. There has been less time in the sky, social interaction and ability to develop new skills. I am sure many of you are a bit rusty on the sticks. Spare a thought for some of our older members, who have not been doing as much flying as they would like for fun, and to keep their hand in. I ask clubs to offer and encourage the older members, who are a little out of practice, some support on a buddy box. This can get them back into the pilot’s seat and into the sky without fear, building confidence and comradery. We all know how disheartening it is to take a broken model home for repairs. For some, the knock to their confidence may keep them grounded and we can’t have that. Vice President: Tim Nolan VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT COVID-19 impacts, maintaining your flying skills and clubs benefiting from the MAAA Club Assistance Scheme. young aeromodeller Three siblings at the Richmond Club are building a healthy rivalry in aeromodel flying thanks to the encouragement of their grandfather. 10 management matters Make sure you are playing by the rules to get the most out of your membership. 12 GROWING NUMBERS: THE BROKEN HILL MODEL FLYING CLUB AEROMODELLING TAKES OFF IN REMOTE AUSTRALIA 14 16 Safety MATTERS Learn how the MAAA deals with accidents and incidents at our clubs. feature STORY This year’s event in Casino, NSW is set to be bigger and better than before, extending to all aeromodellers. LARCS - THE CLUB THAT DEFIES ADVERSITY 18 03 05 08 heritage story The late Gus Greening was an aircraft engineer for Qantas and an avid aeromodeller who is remembered as a pioneer for the sport. 24 The MAAA are always keen to hear about your successes or story ideas for Wingspan. Please send your ideas to us at . President: Mr Neil Tank Vice President: Tim Nolan Secretary: Mr Tyson Dodd Treasurer: Mr Gary Pope Enquiries about Wingspan, including advertising, feedback and story ideas can be emailed to Remember, if your club is inviting members of the public to an event, feel free to advertise it on the MAAA website! Go to: t o add your event. WING SPAN FEBRUARY