MAAA Wingspan

The MAAA has created a 75-year legacy as Australia’s largest flying organisation, committed to providing the best and safest flying experience for almost 10,000 members. Bringing together our members’ collective knowledge, we effectively manage accidents and incidents for our members and clubs, helping to keep the skies safe and our pilots injury-free so you can continue to enjoy the camaraderie and fun the sport provides. When an accident or incident occurs, the MAAA takes those affected under our wing, ensuring that our members get back to safe, fun flying sooner. This is achieved through managing any insurance claims on their behalf, as well as providing assistance or corrective action when required. Open communication is always key. If an accident or incident occurs, we speak directly with clubs and members to ensure they are safe, feel supported, and that a resolution is reached quickly. Unlike any other associations, the MAAA conducts thorough investigations in order to ascertain what accidents or incidents are trending. We then seek to put corrective action in place, reducing the potential risks for the MAAA community. Through this process, we are protecting the reputation and future of the sport loved by many. Sharing the collective knowledge of accidents or incidents that occur in the flying community, makes the sport safer for all involved, reduces the number of such events and improves the perception of the sport to the general public. How does the MAAA help you? The MAAA adopts a ‘just culture’ when investigating accidents and incidents so that our members can have open communication with us and not feel fearful in reporting an event or be concerned about repercussions. The MAAA doesn’t blame members, our job is to keep you, the clubs, and your planes safe. By receiving reports on accidents and incidents, no matter how insignificant you may feel it is, we can look at reoccurring trends and come up with resolutions that ensure the sport is safer. 7 simple steps for managing an accident or incident 1. The Club (or Contest/Display Director of an event) should advise the MAAA Secretary immediately when an accident or incident has occurred. This can be done 24/7 via email (secretary@maaa.asn . au) or phone (0499060611) (leave a phone message after hours). If it involves serious injury or property damage, it is advisable that the police are also called. 2. The Club (or Contest/Display Director of an event) should obtain a MAAA Incident Report form and MAAA Incident Investigation form available from the MAAA website. These forms should be completed with witness statements, photos, plans, maps and any other documentation considered necessary. Too much information is better than not enough. 3. The Club (or Contest/Display Director of an event) should investigate and identify corrective actions to minimise the possibility of the accident/ incident reoccurring. The Club should complete a MAAA Incident Report form and MAAA Incident Investigation form and send the completed forms to the MAAA Secretary. It is important that the Club (or Contest/Display Director of an event) includes recommended corrective actions in the appropriate section of the Investigation Report to assist the MAAA Executive in considering ‘close out’ of the incident. 4. The MAAA Secretary will send the Incidents Report and the Investigation Report to the MAAA Executive and the State Associations receive a copy. Where there is a potential insurance claim, the MAAA Secretary will also forward the reports to the insurance broker to advise the insurance company of an accident/incident and the potential of a claim. 5. The MAAA Executive will review all new Incident Reports and Investigation Reports at the next Executive meeting and make a decision about closing the accident/incident. 6. The MAAA office communicates with the member and Club about the decision and course of action that needs to be taken. Following the completion or closing of an accident/incident, Clubs are expected to implement and enforce the agreed effective risk management strategies to reduce the possibility of it reoccurring. 7. Once closed, a summary is then placed on a 12-month rotational table within the executive minutes, which are circulated to all State Associations. 04 05 The reason that we all started in this great sport was to enjoy the experience of flight, and how much nicer is it to take the model home to clean it, rather than repair it? I had the pleasure of attending the field at Cootamundra recently to see the MAAA Club Assistance Scheme making a difference to their facilities. A new shed and covered area now provides shelter for members; and improved security for their equipment. It was funded by the MAAA Club Assistance Scheme, and Aeromodellers NSW, and the local club topped up the funds for the necessary purchases. Cootamundra then provided all the skills and labor to build the structures. It is amazing what an energetic committee they have, and the outcome was great. Well done to the Cootamundra Aeromodellers Association. Your State Association and MAAA Executive would encourage all those clubs that were successful in receiving a grant to push on and complete the projects, so members can enjoy the benefits. The Club Assistance Scheme is now open and I encourage all clubs to apply for the chance to receive additional support. The details and the selections criteria will be published on the website soon to assist clubs making applications. I also encourage all State Associations to provide some financial support in applications to the MAAA. If we can all help our clubs develop their facilities together, then more can be achieved, which is a great outcome for the sport and our members. Even though there is uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 lock downs, travel restrictions and bubbles, we will work to keep the sport thriving behind the scenes. Thank goodness we are an outdoor sport. I encourage you to fly safely, keep your social distance, and above all have fun at the flying field. Vice President Tim Nolan VICE president’s report CONTINUED... safety matters: Safety first and foremost for MAAA members The MAAA Club Assistance Scheme made a big difference to the Cootamundra Club with funding for a new shed, a covered shelter for members, and improved security for their equipment.