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ASAC represents australian air sports

ASAC represents

Australian air sports on

the international stage

Air Sport Australia Confederation

(ASAC) is an umbrella organisation

that represents air sport bodies in

Australia. Member organisations

include: Australian Ballooning

Federation, Australian Gliding

Federation, Hang Gliding

Federation of Australia, Australian

Parachute Federation, Model

Aeronautical Association of

Australia and the Australian

Aerobatic Club.

ASAC’s role is to lobby government

on behalf of members and is

Australia’s representative at

the Federation Aeronautique

Internationale (FAI), the world

body which governs air sports

in 130 nations for more than 42

million participants.

The FAI only recognises one

national organisation and in

Australia it’s ASAC. Organisational

or individual international

recognition has to be through


The FAI regulates air sports

through a number of commissions,

from astronautics to general

aviation, and ASAC member

organisations have delegates on

each relevant commission.

ASAC represents members’

interests on air space, regulatory

and general aviation matters to

State and Federal government,

and has input into policy affecting

those areas. Member bodies

also support the setting and

monitoring operational and safety

standards in their respective air


ASAC is recognised by the

Australian Sports Commission as

the National Sporting Organisation

for Air Sports in Australia and

is affiliated with the Australian

Olympic Committee.

Find out more at the ASAC