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16 17 Hosting a Have a Go Day is an opportunity for any aeromodelling Club to attract newmembers. As you know, aeromodelling is a very different sport to the usual soccer or footy, where it’s much easier to get started, with minimal costs. Rather than buying a soccer ball and some knee pads, aeromodellers are expected to buy their materials and build their planes. This makes getting into aeromodelling a bit challenging, but as we know, extremely rewarding. The purpose of Have a Go Day is to inform the public about aeromodelling and encourage them to visit your Club. Making thematerials readily available and offering a no- cost induction lesson will encourage community members to have a go and potentially sign up as new Clubmembers. Not only does it offer an amazing service for the community, but it also helps boosts engagement from the community for many aeromodelling Clubs. Without these events, it’s tough to attract newmembers and increase the profile of the sport in general. The Benefits of hosting Have a Go Days By encouraging newmembers to join your, you will benefit from further members fees, which can be used to invest in improved facilities and equipment. Have a Go Days also helpmaintain strong camaraderie amongst members and encourages them to renew their membership at the end of the year. This ensures that the sport will be passed through to future generations, which will protect our sport’s legacy. Hosting Have a Go Days will not only give your Club the recognition it deserves for contributing to aeromodelling, but it will also allow your Club to share their passion with the public and community. have a go at Recruiting more Members to Your Club! Ways you can participate There aremany ways your Club can participate and host a Have a Go Day. These steps can include, organising a BBQ/ sausage sizzle for a gold coin donation – this will help raise some funding for the next Have a Go Day and provide a little reward for visitors andmembers. You can handout information pamphlets about your Club and the sport to inform the community on what you do and have on offer, this will also advise visitors of the benefits that members receive. Inviting retiredmembers, or those who are no longer able to fly, to participate and spread the word about your Club is a good way to keep everyone involved and ensure they still feel valued for their contribution to the sport. If your Club is ready to host a Have a Go Day reach out to the MAAA and they will help boost your event by ensuring you have all the necessary equipment. Concorde Model Flying Club A successful Have a Go Day was held recently at Concorde Model Flying Club in South Australia. They attractedmany visitors by advertising through Facebook and other social media channels. They have had eight newmembers join following the event and are expecting many more. Werribee Model Aircraft Association Another great example was the Werribee Model Aircraft Associations’ Have a Go Day. The Club partnered with the MAAA and shared this event on their own social media pages and MAAA’s platforms, which assisted in reaching a larger audience. The Club enjoyed a great turn out and it was a successful day.