MAAA Wingspan

WING SPAN AUGUST 16 The FPV Rebels Drone Racing Club has been a member Club of the MAAA since 2016 and has grown to 30 members from a variety of interest groups and backgrounds around South East Queensland. The Club was Queensland’s first officially approved FPV drone flying special interest group and is made up of “professional, passionate and responsible tech head rebels with a cause”. The sport of drone racing isn’t just about building and flying models, it also attracts videography and DGI enthusiasts, as well as providing a platform for students to learnmore about a variety of industries. As an example, the Club has a keen focus on engaging Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students who are interested in aviation as a future career, said FPV Rebels President Elliott McPherson. “It’s a good hobby for these high school students to get involved with, particularly if they have an interest in aviation, and we have done a few school programs and build workshops withmicro-drones to give themhands on experience,” Elliot said. “We also provide advice to cadets and we are always looking for opportunities to host events and displays where we can teach the community about drones,” he added. As drone racing is highly regulated in Australia, Elliot, believes being amember of MAAA provides muchmore opportunity for drone enthusiasts. “By being part of the MAAA, it has enabled us to provide a platform for drone users to safely fly under CASA regulations, conduct public displays and engage the public so we can show what we do and grow the sport further,” Elliot said. FPV Rebels with a cause