MAAA Wingspan

10 WING SPAN AUGUST It’s been a bittersweet journey for the Gladstone Aero-modelling Society. Glen Josefski started the first Gladstone Model Aero Club over forty years ago, however when a couple of members decided to take it away from the MAAA, both the Josefski and O’Dell families decided to create their own separate family oriented MAAA club in Gladstone. “We decided to venture out on our own as we wanted to stay loyal to the MAAQ and the MAAA. There were some individuals at our previous club that were very disruptive and negative and we didn’t want our kids influenced by those type of people,” says Troy Josefski. Capitalising on their retained club spirit, along with the support of Gladstone Regional Council, the family turned an overgrown paddock into a suitable flying field for their fellow aeromodellers. “We’ve been using trucks and slashers to get the field back into shape, while another member’s father made a big effort in pulling tree stumps out of the paddock for us,” says Dwayne Josefski. “A lot of people have been putting their hands in their own pockets. (Club President) Tony O’Dell acquired a caravan that we currently use to store all our equipment in, while there’s another one being donated to us by another member.” It helped that Gladstone Regional Council was thoroughly behind Gladstone Aero-modelling Society, especially when they learnt about the club’s great efforts in helping nurture the younger generation. “They’ve been very supportive and liked the fact that we are family orientated and cater toward kids with fun family-friendly activities for flying,” says Tony, who’s seven-year-old grandson Jack is also currently learning club story: incorporating family values WE SPEAK TO MEMBERS OF GLADSTONE AERO-MODELLING SOCIETY TO LEARN HOW THEY BUILT THEIR UNIQUE, FAMILY-ORIENTATED CLUB FROM THE GROUND UP