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WING SPAN FEBRUARY 06 07 MAAALogo. FEBRUARY WING SPAN FAQs What types of accidents or incidents are dealt with by the MAAA? The MAAA manages all accidents/incidents that have the potential to result in an insurance claim. This could involve damage to property or injury to a person or a group of people. What might be seen as a minor injury, may have medical complications later on and require assistance and insurance. It is important to make a report no matter how big or small. Why does the MAAA need to be notified immediately? By reporting an accident or incident immediately to the MAAA and providing accurate information, maps, plans, witness statements, etc., we can promptly investigate, reducing the possibility of similar events occurring or happening to one of your fellow members. Who needs to complete the Incident Report? The Club is responsible for completing all necessary forms and ensure the accident/incident is closed. What is an Incident Report? An Incident Report provides information about the accident/incident and is used for insurance purposes. It is also used by the insurance brokers as evidence for potential insurance claims. What is an Investigation Report? An Investigation Report identifies and assesses what happened and looks at ways to minimise the risk of a similar events occurring. What happens with related Personal Accident insurance claims? Anyone claiming Personal Accident Cover is dealt with immediately by the MAAA. See Insurance Summary on the MAAA website. What happens with related Third Party insurance claims? This would be in the case of a vehicle being damaged by a model aircraft. Quotes are requested for the repair of the damaged vehicle. The MAAA Executive will decide which quote for repair will be accepted for payout and this may not always be the lowest quote. In all cases, there is no insurance excess to the member involved with the first incident in any one year as the MAAA pays the $500 excess for the policy. In the case of damage or injury to third parties, action will be consistent with direction and guidance provided by Solicitors. What does the MAAA Executive review involve? The MAAA executive will review both the Incidents Report and the Investigations Report and look closely at the recommendations prepared by the Club on preventing or reducing the issue from occurring in the future. An Incident Report can only be closed when the executive is satisfied with the recommended corrective actions that have been proposed by the Club. In some instances, the Executive will work with the Club and put in place additional corrective actions in order to prevent a similar accident/incident from occurring in the future. Does the MAAA communicate with other members and the aeromodelling community about incidents? The MAAA includes articles in our digital publication Wingspan on trending accidents/incidents. From time-to-time, we will also include a summary and recommended corrective actions in Australian commercial model magazines such as Airborne. Not only does this alert the aeromodelling sport about safety issues, but ensures that any future risk is significantly minimised, keeping the sport fun and safe for all. The MAAA is currently building an online version of the MAAA Incident Report form and MAAA Incident Investigation form online to make the entire process easier, faster, and more assessable.