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Any one of the many MAAA members who

attended and assisted will be the first to

say what a prestigious event the F2 World

Championships was. See our article in

this edition. It’s a real thrill to host world

championships and showcase our beautiful

country. As such, the MAAA is supporting a bid to

host the 2019 F3D Pylon World Championships on

the Sunshine Coast in August 2019.

Another way of showcasing our sport, to both

locals and visitors, is through public museums.

Following submissions from two clubs keen to

establish a permanent public aero modelling

museum, the MAAA would love to hear your

views on the desire for and location of an

MAAA Museum. So keep an eye on your inbox

next month for our online survey. We’d really

appreciate your input and opinion.

Finally, a reminder that it’s time to renew your

membership. Membership fees have been

kept the same as last year. We’ve been able to

achieve this by separating insurance premium

costs from the 2016/17 budget used to calculate

member fees. The 2016/17 insurance will be

in place by next week and will be paid from

the insurance levy account, rather than as a

component of member’s fees as previously


As you’ll see from the great articles in this

edition, we love receiving your stories, photos

and successes for inclusion in Wingspan. So

please send your ideas to me at


Until next time, have a fun, safe flight.

Neil Tank

President MAAA





The prestigious F2 World

Championships was a real thrill

2016 members’ survey is now live

Please take part in the MAAA 2016 Members’ Survey. Last year’s survey produced some

fantastic results and insights! This year we want to hear your views on how we can grow

our membership and ensure a strong future for our sport.

Go to

and have your say for

your chance to win one of five $50 vouchers.