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Tahn said he has greatly appreciated theMAAA’s sponsorship

of World Championship teams both as


competitor and a

teammanager. However hismost memorable, unsponsored

trip, involved a threemonthmodel flying holiday, touring

Europe in a campervan with hismodel planes.

Starting out in France, flying at one of the biggest

competitions, Poitou and at Moncontour, Tahn then

competed at Capponori in Italy before venturing to Greda

Sunjska in Croatia and finishing up in Bulgaria.

Having flown with somany different people fromaround

the world, Tahn said the international fraternity that

is aeromodelling, encompassed extraordinary people

fromall walks of life. But with the amazing friendships

forged, travelling has also shown him the different flying

experiencesmodellers are faced with compared to


“Croatia has seenmore than its share of conflicts over

the centuries, however I was not prepared for one of the

consequences of themost recent conflict. We were flying on

a fairly small “common” which was used as grazing land for

the town’s cows and a small area not more than 50metres

x 40metres had beenmown as a designated launch area,

with a flight linemarked by traffic cones about threemetres


“Upwind of this area was a river and down wind was a forest.

I was wondering why no one was adopting the usual tactic

of towing up and then heading down wind to wait for models

to come overhead in lift and so ‘piggy back’ into the same

thermal. I was told by the locals that themodel could end

up in the forest and that I would need a local to retrieve it as

they knewwhere the unexploded landmines were.”

So where in the world will 2017 take Tahn and his free flight

planes? With his eyes set on the skies in California this

month (February), Tahn will be competing in the ‘Fab-Feb’

three World Cup Free Flight Competitions that are held back

to back.

We wish him the best of luck!

Tahn Stowe has competed in free flight

competitions around the globe from

Argentina to the Czech Rebublic.