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As a clubmember, you have the

opportunity to share your interest

with other like-minded hobbyists

who will gladly share their knowledge

and experience with you.”

“You can progress at your own pace,

choosing to remain a leisurely

flyer or join in various levels of

competition, ranging frompylon

racing to aerial combat, pattern

flying and aerobatics. And there’s no

need to be concerned if you aren’t

an expert after your first training

lessons, as you will be covered under

the Club’s public liability insurance if

anything were to happen.”

Holdfast’s training programs extend

well beyond their flying fields,

withmodellers going into the local

community to share their passion for

flying with school students.

Holdfast Club has established

an annual visit to students from

Blackwood High School’s Autism

Intervention Group. This has been

an extremely rewarding endeavour,

promoting friendship in the

community between the club and

the high school through the LIFT


“It’s not just about teaching students

to fly planes, it’smore about creating

an experience for them, building

that friendship between us and the

students,” said Kingsley.

“At the end of the 2016 school year,

students and teachers were able

to interact and learn fromskilled

modellers as well as being treated

to a fantastic flying display by

Ashley West, Horst Dahms and David


To spread your wings and learn to fly,

the Club’s LIFT program runs from

10am-12.30pmon Sundays (weather


To take part, you simply need

to come to the field, fill out an

application form (so you are covered

by insurance) and you’re ready to fly.

The programallows you to take part

in three free training sessions and

beyond that, you can still use club

models and equipment but need to

pay themembership fee.

Kingsley encourages anyone

interested in the sport to come along

and give it a go. You never know

whether there’s an ace pilot inside

you ready to take to the skies.

Click here

for details of our Low

cost Integrated Flight Training

(LIFT) programandmembership