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The skies were the limit, when it came

to a dream that the NSW Free flight

Society had of owning and running

Australia’s first and only free flight


Two years on and a once rundown

farm in West Wyalong has been

transformed into a functional, fit-

for-purpose place for our passionate

modellers to stretch their wings and


Due to the persistence and passion

of our team including, Tahn Stowe,

Roy Summersby and Terry Bond to

find a piece of land free flyers could

call home, as well as the generosity of

Adrian and Jo Bryant who originally saw

the potential in this site and thankfully

bought it- the NSW Free flight Society

continues to grow its community of

dedicated and loyal flyers who love

coming together regularly.

This field is centrally located for

most of the free flight members in

eastern Australia. It provides sufficient

space- stretching over 700 acres, and

is a place wheremembers can fly in

preparation for special contests and

world championships. Previously there

has never been a place that the free

flight members could call home-this

field does that.

Over the two years we have

undertaken various improvements

to the site including new shower

and toilet blocks, a small club room

adjacent to the radio field, along with a

small shade area just behind the strip.

The once derelict farmhouse has been

transformed with new ceilings in the

dining roomand lounge room, new

vinyl laid over Masonite tomost of

the house, extra roof covering to the

side veranda, new external doors and

electrical work to both the house and

camping area.

We have recently acquired artificial

grass, as well as paper mill conveyer

belt so that we can build a proper RC

strip and control line circles.

The ultimate aim for our field is to have

national and state championships

held here. We are in the preparation

stages with works including,

completing an all weather road to the

RC field, preparing the RC field with a

special take off and landing surface,

purchase of a suitablemower and

increasing the size of the caravan and

camping area, to name a few.

There is still plenty of work to be done.

We now have something which is

unique in Australia. A free flight field

that is solely owned by itsmembers,

supported by the local council and the

friendship of the town. That’s definitely

a rewarding feeling.

The use of the field in preparation

for the next world championship

in Hungary this year will be a huge

asset to the team. Plans are also

being prepared for the 70th ‘Reunion’

Nationals to be held in May 2018. An

information pack has been prepared

and is available through the MAAA.

From the MAAA

Thank you to the Executive of the

NSWFFS for sharing this fantastic story.

Milestone for Australian

free flight community