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Holdfast Model Aero Club in South

Australia is encouraging novice

modellers to get off to a flying start,

offering free flying lessons at the club

every Sunday.

For many modellers, flying with the

MAAA provides the opportunity for

friends to get together, share their

collective knowledge and have a lot of

fun along the way.

The Club’s Low Cost Integrated Flight

Training (LIFT) programwas first

launched in February 2016 to allow

beginners to get a handle on the sport,

understanding how to control and fly

amodel aircraft, so that they can take

to the skies in the safest possible way,

without having to invest immediately

in expensive RC equipment.

Holdfast Club President Kingsley

Neumann said in 2015, committee

members Ross Lloyd and Geoff

Haynes came up with an idea to

revolutionise amethod of gaining new

clubmembers through flight training.

A comparison was drawn to a horse

riding school- no one would expect a

newcomer to turn up with a horse and

float before having a good try out on a

club pony first.

The training programuses the

excellent stablised and variable flight

envelope “Apprentice” by e-Flite,

with the DX5e Spektrum radio. The

Club instructors all attended training

classes to familiarise themselves

with the Apprentice and DX6 Master

radios. Trainees are always in safe

hands with the use of a wireless, dual

radio systemduring flight, allowing the

instructor to immediately take control

if a pilot gets into any difficulty.

Kingsley said that themajor benefit

of this training programwas that

novice pilots can learn the ropes

from the experts, before investing in

any equipment. Three visitsmay be

authorized in accordance with the

MAAA rules. Trainees can then decide

to join the Club and continue with the

formal HMAC Training Syllabus using

the Club equipment. A trainee does not

need to purchase amodel or a radio

until reaching Solo Standard.

“We have been teaching our members

to fly model aircraft for years but

recently found a better and easier

way for people to get started in

aeromodelling with the well-developed

LIFT program.”

“Around 50% of those who have come

and undergone the initial training also

returned for the extra sessions. In the

first 7 months of operation, 27 people

registered for the programand 9 of

them joined the club as full members.

“In the last 12months alone, we have

gone from80members to almost 100.

You’re never too old to learn, asmost

of our members are in the 50+ age


taking to the skies

can be a