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Howmany planes do you have and

what is your favourite plane to fly?

I have the ST Discovery, which is a foam

trainer. I got a Bixler3 for my eighth

birthday but have not flown it yet. I

also have a Sun Dancer 50 which I am

looking forward to flying when I am

good enough to fly it.

Are your family involved in flying and

how do they support you?

Yes, my dad flies full-sized aeroplanes

and has started flying RC planes again


What models would you recommend

for other kids who want to give

aeromodelling a go?

I think the Bixler3 even though I have

not flown it yet. It just looks right.

What other sports interest you?

Soccer, cricket, BMX racing, swimming

and triathlons.

What are the top tips you’ve learnt

about flying?

It is very different flying a real

model compared to the simulator

and you need to use very gentle

stickmovements and they can be


Are you involved in other RC sports?

I play with remote control cars and


Would you encourage other people

your age to take part in the sport?

Yes, I would recommend other kidsmy

age to give it a go.

Editor’s note:

The MAAA pass their condolences

tomembers of the Holdfast Model

Aero Club. They recently lost valued

member Ross Lloyd, who was Wade’s

mentor. Ross initially suggested that

Wade had fantastic talent and that he

was a young pilot we should profile in


Having committed to being part of an

article for Wingspan, Wade took on the

task with the help of his dad, Lloyd,

even after this great loss. Well done to

all and we hope that Wade continues

to fly for many years to come.

We have some talented young peoplewho take part in our sport, and the FAI has

found another way to help themexpress their enthusiasmfor the sport. If you’re

a young pilot who is keen on painting or drawing, then pick up your pens, pencils

or brushes and enter the 2016 FAI Young Artists Contest.

The aimis to create a picture that illustrates this years’ theme “Air Sports in

HarmonywithNature”, and show theworld just how talented you are. Youngsters

fromthree age categories are invited to participate: Junior (6-9), Intermediate

(10-13) and Senior (14-17). To learnmore go to


If you can find away to capture the connection between the land and the air

please consider entering.

>> Last year’s first prize in the Intermediate Category (10-13yrs) Jasmin Yoon, USA