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“I have been painting models for 30 years and now do lots

of pearl and complex schemes that take up to 20 hours

just to paint. It usually takes about 200+ hours to build the

complicatedmodels. The HSV HRT Viper’s that I recently

painted for a friend andmyself aremy current favourite.

“They are all red, white and black pearl that stands out in

the sun. I use conventional spray guns and an airbrush to

create some of themore complex schemes I have done. My

best advice to people coming into the sport is listen to the

people who are at the height of the hobby. There is no easy

solution or ways to save time or costs other than hard work

and practice.

“The same relates to painting models, preparation and

planning. I have been painting cars andmotorbikes for 30

years. Using good tools and quality paints aremy secret to


Just some of the models Luke has painted

“My favourite model is my trusty Extra 260 that I

painted in the Castrol Edge Scheme.”