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stuck. You will need to check all

fittings for firm fit. There should not

be any air in the UAT (bubble trap). If

there is air in the UAT, find out why.

Free Flight

F1A is the premier class for free

flight gliders and these are flown

in World Cup events in over 30

countries across the world, as well

as the World Championships every

second year. Gliders undergo a

lot of stress during launch and in

windy conditions. When preparing

my glider for events, I perform the

following checks:

• LiPo batteries – charged

before each event and in good

condition, plus spares.

• Electronic timer – fully

operational and loaded with

latest software.

• Palm pilot – operational with

fresh batteries, plus spare

palm device. This hand-held

programmer loads launch and

flight parameters and these

can be altered prior to flight to

suit conditions.

• Model programs – launch

sequence bench tested and

copied to memory card and

Excel spreadsheet, with hard

copy backup. Ensure each

model has the correct program


• RDT – fully charged and bench

test its function. This device

communicates with the model

enabling the flyer to terminate

the flight at any time.

• Towlines – no knots or frays

in line, flag in good condition.

Also check spare line/s.

• Model structure – repair any

damage to covering, check

for and repair any damage to

D-box, main spar and rib caps

in wing or stab.

*Courtesy of Malcolm Campbell

Secretary of the Brisbane Free Flight

Society Inc